A tutorial for target prioritization

Collate the selected genes from each categories

16. Click the ‘View’ tab to see your lists. Now, there are 4 lists. The last on the the list which we uploaded initially. The other 3 lists were created by the enrichment widgets.

Lists in the view list page

Now you can find 4 lists in the view list page.

17. Click on the checkbox beside the list name to select the 3 new created lists.

18. Click ‘Intersect’ above the list to intersect the 3 list.

19. Enter ‘Intersect’ as the name of the new list.

Intersect the lists

Select the 3 new lists and find the intersection.

20. You will get a new list which contains the intersection of the 3 lists. Click the list name to view the new list.

Prioritized gene list

You get a prioritized gene list. Click to view it.

21. The prioritized genes in this example are shown in the list page.

List page of prioritized genes

The list page of the prioritized genes.

You can also try to union the 3 lists to get more candidates.

This is a very simple protocol for target prioritization, you probably want to introduce more knowledge to further filter the candidates.