TargetMine source code

Copyright © 2011-2022 by The Mizuguchi Laboratory.

The TargetMine source code is available for non-commercial use. To install TargetMine locally and customize it for commercial purposes, please contact our commercial partner.

TargetMine requires the InterMine framework.

System requirements

Please refer to InterMine documentation.

Here is an extract from the InterMine documentation:

Software At least Purpose
Git 1.7 check out and update source code
Java SDK 8 build and use InterMine
Tomcat 8.5.x website
PostgreSQL 9.3.x database
Perl 5.8.8 run build scripts
Maven 3.0.5 manage local dependencies
SOLR 7.2.1 search engine

Latest release

Download the source code:

Please reference to InterMine’s tutorial for the installation.

InterMine Pre-2.0 version

A modified version of InterMine is included in this distribution.

Download the source code:

Please read the README file first.