An overview of TargetMine

Please see our “Overview” page to know what is TargetMine.

Query Examples

  1. Given a gene or a list of genes, identify all the diseases which they are associated with and all the drugs which target these genes and the 3D structure of the complex has been resolved. [Try!]
  2. Given a gene or a list of genes, find all high confidence direct physical (HCDP) interacting partners (within the same species). [Try!] [More details for HCDP]
  3. Given a list of genes, identify hubs and bottlenecks and find the compounds which targeting these genes. [Try!]  [More details]

A tour of TargetMine

  • A brief introduction for TargetMine system. Take a tour.
    (The contents here were base on a former version)
  • An introductory movie for TargetMine. See the movie.

See also the Workshops page.

Basics of TargetMine

Tutorial for target prioritization