What is TargetMine?

Identification of suitable targets (such as genes, proteins, non-peptide gene products and pathways) for characterisation is one of the most critical steps in annotating gene function, drug discovery and understanding the pathogenesis of various diseases. TargetMine is an integrated data warehouse system which has been primarily developed for the purpose of target prioritisation and early stage drug discovery. TargetMine is based on InterMine, a flexible and effective framework for combining biological data from various repositories, which enables navigating through diverse biological data within a single user-friendly interface.

What can be done with TargetMine?

Within TargetMine, we have compiled a vast array of publicly available biological data, which were carefully selected to choose the biological datatypes more likely to help facilitate target discovery. TargetMine enables complicated searches that are difficult to perform using existing comparable tools and therefore, assists in efficient target prioritisation. Furthermore, TargetMine also permits a quick preliminary analysis of the genes in the list and thus, greatly helps in understanding the enriched themes associated with query gene sets.

Below are a few examples of potentially difficult-to-perform queries which are easily queried within TargetMine.

  1. Given a list of genes, identify all the diseases which they are associated with and all the drugs which target these genes. [More details]
  2. Given a list of genes, identify hubs and bottlenecks and find the compounds which targeting these genes. [Try!]  [More details]
  3. Given a list of genes, retrieve all the gene regulatory (such as TF-target or miRNA-target relations) associations observed within the list. [Try! ]