TargetMine API

InterMine framework provides several kind of  application programming interfaces (APIs) to access the data by HTTP request or programming languages including Perl, Java, Python, Ruby and JavaScript.


The simplest example is HTTP API.


The following HTTP request will return the quick search results in TargetMine for the word “Alzheimer” in the JSON format.

JSON: JavaScript Object Notation, see Wikipedia for more information.


You can do a template query by submitting an HTTP request. An auto-generated URL could be found at each template (see the figure).

Each template contains a 'web service URL' link

You can find the link “web service URL” at the bottom left of each template.
Click on the link to get the auto-generated URL for the template.

The example here is as following.

In this example, the result is returned  in the tab separated value (TSV) format.

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