Enrichment analysis web service

Enrichment analysis is a commonly used approach to identify the relevant biological themes. Using the InterMine/TargetMine APIs, you can upload a list and then retrieve the enrichment analysis results from the widget of the list. To do this, you need an account and the API Access Key to upload a list first.

To simply the procedure, we provide an alternative API for the ‘Enrichment Analysis’. You can get the explanation for the API by accessing
https://targetmine.mizuguchilab.org/pipeline/analysis/enrichment without any arguments.

Here is an example:


Invoking a HTTP request for the URL above will return you the enrichment analysis results in a tab delimited table.

At the moment, the API only supports the input as a list of genes.

To convert your protein list or probe set list to a gene list, you can consider trying the following service.