Terms of use

  1. The use of TargetMine web-based tools and web services (the “Services”) is free to all users except for a bulk programmatic access with the purpose of constructing a derived commercial product. We reserve the right to block any such access if detected.
  2. We may remove your account, if we determine that you consume excessive network capacity and/or system resources, and adversely affect our ability to provide the Services to other users.
  3. We reserve the right to suspend or discontinue the Services without prior notice to you, for emergency maintenance or repairs of our computer system, or in the event of circumstances beyond our control.
  4. Under no circumstances, are we liable for any damages arising from the unavailability of the Services, removal of your account, loss of uploaded or saved data, or any use, misuse or reliance of the Services.
  5. Mizuguchi laboratory makes no representation about the suitability or accuracy of this software or data for any purpose, and makes no warranties, either expressed or implied, including merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose or that the use of this software or data will not infringe any third party patents, copyrights, trademarks, or other rights. The software and data are provided “as is”.
  6. TargetMine Services are not to be used for treating or diagnosing human subjects.